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Bid Title: Aquatic Center Painting Project
Category: Parks and Rec
Status: Closed



Request for Proposals


Aquatic Center Painting Project





City of Bridgeton, Missouri

Bridgeton Family Aquatic Center
















Proposals Due:

Friday, February 28 by 10:00 a.m.

City of Bridgeton

clo City Clerk

12355 Natural Bridge Road Bridgeton, Missouri 63044 (314) 739-7500

City of Bridgeton

Request for Proposals

Aquatic Center Painting Project

I. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS Please Read All Instructions Carefully

1.     Bids submitted in accordance with the specifications contained herein will be received by the City of Bridgeton until10:00 a.m.,Friday, February 28,2020.All sealed bids should be delivered to the Bridgeton City Clerk at 12355 Natural Bridge Road, Bridgeton, Missouri,63044.


2.      Bid proposals will be opened publicly immediately following the deadline of 10:00 a.m.,Friday, February 28,2020 in the Council Chamber of Bridgeton City Hall,12355 Natural Bridge Road, Bridgeton,MO,63044


3.    The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any technicalities and to select the bid deemed by the City Administrator and Parks and Recreation Director to be in the best interest of the City.


4.     Bid Proposals are to be contained in a sealed envelope, plainly marked "AQUATIC CENTER PAINTING PROJECT". Include the name of the bidder, date and time of the bid deadline on the front of the envelope.


5.      Bid proposal forms (attached) must be completed and signed. Failure to complete the forms attached is cause for rejection of bids.


6.    Contractors should contact Jimmy Kirincich, Aquatic Supervisor, for site visit or questions regarding the project at or 314-687-4494 or 314-739-5599


7.     The City requires that the painting project be completed no later than May 6,2020.


8.     All specifications listed are intended to be preferred function and performance specifications. No specifications should be construed as representing any particular brand of material. Bidders should propose to furnish materials that come closest to meeting the details of the specifications. Where deviations are necessary, bidder must specify such deviation in the bid "Bid Response Form," stating why materials he/she proposes will render equivalent reliability or performance. Failure to detail all such deviations will provide a basis for rejection of the entire proposal.


9.    The City of Bridgeton is exempt from all sales tax. Exemption certificates will be furnished upon request.


10.  Questions regarding this bid request should be directed to Jimmy Kirincich, Aquatic Supervisor-

4201Fee Fee Road, Bridgeton, MO 63044, or 314-687-4494.


11.  Contractors are responsible for the timely delivery of bid packages to the Bridgeton City Clerk at

City Hall.




The City of Bridgeton is accepting proposals from qualified licensed contractors to resurface and paint the interior of the tower water slide at the Bridgeton Family Aquatic Center, 4201 Fee Fee Road, Bridgeton, Missouri 63044. This RFP invites companies to submit proposals describing the renovation from planning to completion within the minimum criteria set by the City of Bridgeton.



Request for Proposal:                                                        February 3

Proposal Deadline NO LATER THAN 10:00 AM CST: February 28, 2020

Selected Firm Interviews:                                                  March 2, 2020

Contract Award:                                                                March 3, 2020

Construction Dates:                                                          March 9 - May 6, 2020



City's Rights and Options

The City of Bridgeton, at its sole discretion, reserves the following rights:

    Supplement, add to, delete from and change this RFP document;

    Determine which respondent, if any, shall be selected for negotiations;

    Reject any or all proposals or information received pursuant to this RFP;

    Cancel this RFP with or without the substitution of another RFP;

    Request additional data or information after the submittal date, if such data or information is considered pertinent, in the municipality's sole view, to aid the review and selection process;

    Conduct investigations with respect to the qualifications and experience of each respondent

    Take an action affecting the RFP or the services or facilities subject to this

RFP that would be in the best interests of the municipality;

    Require one or more respondents to supplement, clarify or provide additional information in order for the city to evaluate the RFPs submitted;

    Waive any defect or technicality in any RFP received;

    Reject any portion of any submittal and/or reject all submittals, to waive any informalities or regularities in the submittals or tore-advertise


City's Responsibility

The city will make available, at contractors request, all original construction documents and drawings to assist in the preparation of their proposals.  Staff will also provide access to the facility during the proposal period so that contractors can familiarize themselves to existing conditions.

Expense of Submittal Preparation

This RFP is a public document. By responding to this RFP, respondents waive any challenges to the City's decision in this regard. Not-withstanding the foregoing, respondents recognize and agree that the municipality will not be responsible or liable in any way for any losses that the respondent may suffer from the disclosure of information or materials to third parties.


Questions/Clarifications Request

No information or clarification of the meaning of any part of this RFP will be made orally to any respondent. Respondents must request such interpretation or clarification in writing from the city by email. The city will circulate to all other respondents the questions and answers.



Questions should be directed to: Jimmy Kirincich, Aquatic Supervisor, 4201Fee Fee Road, Bridgeton, MO 63044. Email:



All clarifications or addenda shall become part of this RFP.





Bridgeton Family Aquatic Center: The City of Bridgeton Department of Parks and Recreation

is requesting sealed bids for the surface preparation and product applications on the interior tower water slide at the City of Bridgeton Family Aquatic Center- 4201 Fee Fee Road, Bridgeton, Missouri 63044.


1.  Products

A. Included is a Product Data Sheet for Creative Polymers Slide Armor for coating inside of tower water slide.

Creative Polymers Slide Armor- Light Blue (RAL 5012) Clear coat of Creative Polymers Slide Armor

Splash Armor Epoxy 730 or 740




A. Use manufacture’s recommendations for surface preparation and repairs. Cover any and all areas to be protected from surface preparation and application.


B. Any damage to the facility in the course of the work shall be replaced or repaired by the Contractor acceptable to the City at no additional charge.


C. Remove any loose non-adherent material and feather any raw edges and uniformly abrade entire surface.


D. All residue, abrasive, dust and loose material must be removed by sweeping or vacuuming.


E. Complete clean-up of all debris from surface preparation, inside, and outside the pool area. All media should be disposed per the St. Louis County Waste Management Code.

3.   APPLICATION IN FORMATAION A. Surface must be clean and dry.

B. All surface preparation and repairs shall be approved by the Parks and Recreation

Department representative or manufacturer representative.


C. Observe surface preparation and spreading rate recommendations from manufacturer's literature. Refer to product label for additional mixing and application instructions, in particular temperature, pot-life, and dry to recoat time.


D. Application should consist of 2 coats.


E. Contractor is responsible for removing all residues from the project. Upon completing the job, all debris, spent abrasive, cans, etc. shall be removed from the site.


F. Color choices should be provided to Jimmy Kirincich, Aquatic Supervisor, 314-687-

4494, for decision on paint color prior to painting.


G. All materials shall be applied in accordance with the manufactures specification. Any conflicts between the manufactures specification and the Bid Specifications shall be brought to the attention of the Owners Representative immediately. The Owner shall provide remedy to any and all conflicts and any and all change in cost shall be considered incidental to the project, no cost adjustment.




A. Remove, grind, clean and reseal joint in all joints of the slide. Utilize joint product that is compatible with Slide Armor, such as Splash Armor Epoxy 730 or 740. If unsure of locations, ask for clarification prior to bidding.




All materials, workmanship, and labor will be warrantied for a minimum of ten years.



Schedule Coordination:

All work will be coordinated with the Aquatic Supervisor. Construction on the outdoor pool shall after contract is awarded and be completed before May 6, 2020. Should any unavoidable delays cause the Contractor to go beyond this deadline, the Contractor shall notify the City in writing, and the Contractor shall be extended as the City deems reasonable.



Should the Contractor go beyond this date for no justifiable reason, the Contractor agrees to be held liable for and have deducted from his pay, one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each calendar day beyond the deadline.


All waste materials, workmen debris, lunch bags, etc. shall be cleaned from the job site each day. Should these items not be satisfactory removed, the City reserves the right to charge the Contractor's final bill appropriate costs for such cleaning.




Prevailing wages paid to all workers shall comply with the wages rates established by the Missouri Division of Labor Standards. The contractor shall comply with, and is bound by, the provisions of Missouri statues pertaining to the payment of wages on public works project.




Respondents are requested to submit sealed proposals marked "AQUATIC CENTER PAINTING PROJECT'' by mail or in person to: City Clerk, Bridgeton Government Center, 12355 Natural Bridge Road, Bridgeton MO, 63044.


Proposals are due on Friday, February 28, 2020 by 10:00 A.M. CST.



The proposals will be reviewed by an Evaluation Team. After evaluation, the Evaluation

Team may request in person interviews to be held March 2, 2020.



Mandatory requirements that the respondents must provide in the proposal:

1-  Signed Proposal Form (6.0)



2-   A detailed lay-out of the proposed project, construction designs, drawings and any other information that details or explains the proposal.


3-   Proposed schedule with completion date of May 6, 2020.



4-   Total cost of project.



5-  Three (3) references from three (3) different organizations for which the proponent has developed similar concepts. The information must include contact name, current telephone number and email.


6-   References and experience for all subcontractors must be submitted. All subcontractors must be licensed and bondable.

Insurance Requirements:

a.          Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

General and Automobile - $500,000 each person

General - $2,000,000 each occurrence b. Property Damage Insurance

General and Automobile- $500,000 each occurrence

General - $2,000,000 aggregate

c.          The Vendor will be required to list "The City of Bridgeton" as an additional insured under their policy.

Selection Criteria

Each proposal will be evaluated against the terms in the RFP and graded using the following criteria:

1. Price (30%)

2. Experience (25%)

3. Equipment (25%)

4. References (20%)



The city may reject any proposal  found to be incomplete,  unresponsive or not in compliance with the format requirements set forth in this RFP. A proposal may be determined to be unresponsive if any aspect is found to be unacceptable or contrary to the best interests of the municipality.


The  city  intends  to  select  the  most  responsive  respondent  and  to  negotiate an  Agreement. However, should the negotiation with the most responsive respondent not produce an acceptable contract arrangement, the municipality will request the next most responsive respondent to begin negotiations. The city reserves the right to reject any and all responses to this RFP and is under no obligation to award a contract. 



The undersigned Contractor agrees to provide an Aquatic Center Painting Project proposal in accordance with the specifications.  1/We have stated herein the proposal and fees that 1/We will furnish and deliver as specified.


The City of Bridgeton reserves the right to cancel any agreement in the event that terms of this agreement  arc violated.





Name of Contractor

(Person, Firm, Corp)

Signature of Authorized Representative





Address                                                                       Name and Title (Please Print)






City, State, Zip Code                                                   Date





Telephone Number                                                     E-Mail Address








1.0        SCOPE


1.1         This Guideline for SLIDE ARMOR covers the requirements for surface preparation and application of this Hybrid Polyurethane Gelcoat over Fiberglass Water Slides. Fiberglass parts and other Water Park surfaces.


2.0         INTENT


2.1        The intent of this specification is to provide direction and guidance to help ensure the proper and complete Installation of the Slide Armor Hybrid Polyurethane

Gelcoat Coating System. Depending on the condition of your waterslide project, a

thorough and complete preparation process Is required to assure maximum bond

and long term performance.


2.2         The application contractor's proposal should be based upon this Specification Guidelines and the technical Information provided In the manufacturer's Technical Data Sheets for the specified materials.


2.3      SLIDE ARMOR is self-priming and does not need the use of a primer on fiberglass surfaces when these guidelines are proper followed.




3.0.         MATERIALS



3.1       Surfacer/Filler


3.1.1      3m light Filler (Bondo)


3.2         Topcoat


3.3          SLIDE ARMOR,a Hybrid, two component Polyurethane Gel coat. Mix Ratio 1A



3.3.1      SLIDE ARMOR 2505 comes In colors. Slide Armor 2505 Is a clear coat.

See literature and website for color chart.









4.1          Power Wash using high pressure water blast of at least 3,500 psi to remove all oil. grease, dirt, or other contaminants using a heavy duty detergent such as Simple Green HD or Cal Clean in a ratio as required by the manufacturer. Keep blast head in close proximity to the surface for proper cleaning.


4.2          Sanding Surface: Power sand entire surfaces with 80 grit sand paper to scuff and remove loose or flaking surface defects and crosshatch with 40 grit. This ensures maximum bond and long-term perfonnance.


4.3                    Final Power Wash: Using high pressure water blast with 3500 psi or greater, wash all remaining detergents, wax and sanding residues from the surface with Water only. Keep power washer spray close to the surface. Wipe down entire sUd surface with Acetone or similar as final prep.


4.4        Repairs: Using Bondo filler or equal, repair only deep scratches, gouges or defects.


4.5                  Prepare to Paint:  Assure that the surface is completely dry and free of any surface contaminants that have appeared, such as dust, leaves. droppings or other contaminants using compressed air free of all oil, water or other contaminants.




5.0        APPLICATION


A test area of the complete coating system should be applied to the substrate prior to starting the full application to detennine if any special application procedures may be required. The SLIDE ARMOR "Surface Tension Test System" is highly recommended.


5.1.1     All surfaces shall be dry and free of dust and debris prior to commencing with materialappHcation.Surface Temperature must be at minimum of 5"F (3"C) above the dew point to avoid moisture condensation and negative effects on the coatings system.


SLIDE ARMOR may be applied as a one coat color system, but certain colors will need

2-3 coats for proper hiding and color uniformity. See Creative Polymers Color Guide Chart for details. In addition, for longer life and color retention in severe UV environments, SLIDE ARMOR 2500 Clear can be applied to the SLIDE ARMOR 2505

Color coat.


Slide Armor Colors or Clear may be rolled, brushed or spray applied. See details in

Section 5.2.10


5.2         Base Coat/Top Coat/Clear: SLIDE ARMOR 2505 Color or SLIDE ARMOR Clear


5.2. 1     Store the unopened containers off the ground and in a dry protected area at

60 90"F (15-32°C).


5.2.2       Precondition components "Nand "8" to 70-90"F (21-32"C) prior to mixing.


5.2.3                 Mixing: Power mix  component to a smooth, uniform consistency and then combine 1 "A" to 2 "8" by volume and mix thoroughly for 3 minutes.


5.2.4      Thinning: Not Recommended.


5.2.5      Clean up: Use MEK solvent.


5.2.6      Pot Life:


Material Temperature:

60"F (15"C)                       90-110 minutes

78"F (25"C)                       60-75 minutes

90"F (32"C)                       less than 45 minutes


5.2.7     Preferred Application Conditions:



Material                   75-90"F (24-32"C)


65"F (18"C)






75-90"F (24-32"C)

75-90"F (24-32"C)


45"F (7"C)

45"F (7"C)



5.2.8      Surface Temperature must be at minimum of 5"F (3"C) above the dew point.


5.2.9      Application Equipment:          Roller: Use of rollers require that a fiber free,3/8" nap roller.

Roller type is extremely important! Use a solvent and shed

resistant commercial grade roller, such as the Worster Pro

Grade.          Conventionai/HVLP:

Pressure Pot with fluid tip .(1.8mm) Siphon with fluid tip .(1.6mm) Gravity Feed with fluid tip .(1.6mm)         Airless Spray       Airless spray hp size 0.19 with 8" fan


5.2.10   Dry Film Thickness: 5 mils (125 microns).  Multiple coats may be necessary depending on color selected and desired longevity required. Minimum dry

film thickness Is 5 mils. Contact Creative Polymers for other options and the use of SLIDE ARMOR 2500 as a clear coat.


5.2.11  Dry I Recoat I Cure Times: The times shown below are based on a 30-50% RH and proper ventilation through the application area.


90-100"F (32-40"C)


ac Dry                          3-4 hours                       2-3 hours                              1 hour


Hard Film                             20 hours                        14 hours                             4 hours

Recoat (minimum)               8 hours                          3 hours                             1-2 hours

Recoat (maximum)            24 hours                        18 hours                            12 hours

Full Cure                                 9 days                          6 days                                4 days


5.3          Filler I Patch Compound: Polyester type Bonde #262


5.3.1      Store the unopened containers off the ground and in a dry protected area at 60-90"F (15-32"C).


5.3.2      Precondition components "A" and "8" to 70-90"F (21-32"C) prior to mixing.


5.3.3      Mixing: Use Manufacturers recommendations


5.3.4      Thinning: Not Recommended.


5.3.5      Pot Life: See Manufacturers Recommendations


5. 3.6      Surface Temperature must be a minimum of S"F (3"C) above the dew point.


5. 3.7     Using a squeegee, trowel or putty knife, fill all gouges, or exposed fiberglass as needed, and other surface defects. Do not fill greater than

%" per application. See manufacturer’s Instructions.


5.3.8      Transfer material to the surface using a strike flush using a squeegee or putty knife.


5.3.9      Dry I Recoat I Cure Times: See Manufacturer's Instructions for cure details.





6.1                   It will be the Application Contractor's responsibility to perform first line inspection of all aspects of the surface preparation and lining application work and to assure conformance with all pertinent specifications.


6.2         The Application Contractor shall provide a dally record of all application process Information, Including temperatures, relative humidity, dew point, procedures and Inspection data.


6.3         All of the Application Contractor's work to be performed and material to be supplied under the contract shall at all time be subject to inspection by the Owner's engineer or Inspector who shall be allowed complete access for examining said work. This person may reject work not complying with the specifications.


6.4         The Application Contractor shall be aware that after preparing the surface of a completed section of work, It will be made available for Inspection and approved by the Owner's engineer or by the representatives of the Owner.


6.5          Dry Film Thickness Measurement: Prior to the application of successive coats, dry film thickness measurements will be taken In accordance with SSPC-PA 2.



6.5.1      The Slide Armor System shall have a dry film thickness of no less than 5 mils (250 microns) over any surface.



7.0         SAFETY


7.1        Read the Material Technical Data Sheet, the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and container labels of the materials being used for detailed health and safety Information.


7.2          Slide Armor and its related components should only be used by trained, professional painters. All materials associated with Slide Armor are to be considered hazardous. Any coating containing isocyanates can cause irritation to respiratory system and hypersensitive reactions. Asthma sufferers, those with allergies or any history of respiratory complaints should not use the Slide Armor or related products. Do not sand, flame cut, braze or weld in the vicinity while applying these liquid systems, as these materials is flammable. Use of proper respiratory protection is mandatory.


7.3                 The Application Contractor will establish the number of air exchanges per hour required to maintain a safe working atmosphere during all phases of work. The Application Contractor will Include details of his safety program for working in tanks with his bid, complete with a list of equipment used to test organic vapor and/or oxygen levels in the vessels.


7.4          All applicators and their helpers will wear appropriate respiratory protection equipment. The type of reparatory protection will depend upon the nature of the application and material hazard, and shall eliminate dust, fumes, mists, organic vapors, acids and alkaline contaminates.


7.5      The Application Contractor must comply with all Federal, State and Local regulations pertaining to safety, environmental protection and other pertinent regulations.






Address and number etc

Publication Date/Time:
2/4/2020 12:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
2/28/2020 10:00 AM

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