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Plea of Not Guilty

  1. I have read the following:*
    A plea of not guilty means that you deny guilt and the City must prove its charges against you. Your case will be set for trial and you will be given a date to appear. You will receive no other notice of your trial date. If you plead not guilty you must decide whether to employ an attorney to represent you at trial. You may defend yourself but no one else except an attorney may represent you. At trial, the City must prove the charge against you as contained in the formal complaint "beyond a reasonable doubt" before a verdict of guilty can be reached.
  2. Defendant hereby waives formal reading of the Information or Indictment. Counsel states that the defendant is fully aware of the substance of the charge(s) against him or her and that a copy of the Information or Indictment has been provided to the defendant. The defendant and the undersigned prosecuting attorney agree to the waiver of formal arraignment and agree to proceed to trial. The defendant enters a plea of not guilty to the offense(s) charged.
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