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Bridgeton Recreation Center

About the Recreation Center

The Bridgeton Recreation Center has multiple meeting rooms and recreational facilities available for rent. Rooms are ideal for parties, family reunions, and bridal and baby showers. We can provide party-style setups with tables and chairs, theater-style setups with chairs only (ideal for meetings), and we also offer narrower conference-style tables ideal for off-site corporate meetings, events, and trainings.


Hourly fees include the use of the room as well as tables and chairs. Ice is available for purchase. Note that there are special fees for each hour beyond normal operating hours of the Recreation Center. Other prices may apply for community organizations and/or fundraising events. Please contact the Recreation Center at 314-739-5599 for more details.

Renting/Room Info

The Bridgeton Recreation Center will only process facility rentals during office hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm) beginning January 2nd, 2021.  Renters will be allowed to rent for a maximum of 1 year in advance of the date they would like to reserve.

Rooms 1 and 2 include a sink and microwave, room 3 includes a sink only, but offers access to the kitchen. Renters are welcome to bring in their own food and drink, but no warming/cooling appliances are available in the rooms (other than previously noted).

Fees to Rent a Room

 RoomParty Capacity
Theater Capacity
Classroom Capacity
Room 1
607232 to 48
Room 2
607232 to 48
Room 3
607232 to 48
Rooms 1 and 2
14015640 to 60
Rooms 2 and 3
14015640 to 60
Rooms 1, 2 and 3

 Rate Depending on Residential Status

Residential Status
Rate Per Room
DepositKitchenAfter Hours
Commercial Use
Resident$40 per hour
$75 for one room
$125 for two or more rooms
Additional $30
Rate and $40 per hour
Additional $25
Non-Resident$50 per hour
$75 for one room
$125 for two or more rooms
Additional $30
Rate and $40 per hour
Additional $25

Audio / Video Services in the Meeting Rooms

Each meeting room can provide full audio and multi-media presentation capabilities for renters including multi-media projectors, screens, public address system, and audio from a number of sources including Bluetooth and streaming sources. This service is available to renters at an additional charge of $25 per rental. A/V services are not recommended with single-room rentals. A/V services may not be available with all room combinations. This service is additional charge of $25 per rental.

Alcohol Policy

Additional fees and regulations apply to rentals wishing to serve alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is not to be served on Sundays. Please contact the BRC at 314-739-5599 for more information. 

Cancellation Policy

Renters wishing to cancel a rental date must notify the Parks and Recreation Department a minimum of thirty days prior to the rental date in order to receive a full refund. Cancellation notices received less than thirty days in advance of the rental date will result in the forfeiture of the renter’s security deposit and/or rental fees.

Security Deposits

Deposits are separate from the rental fees and are returned in full, provided the facilities are left in good condition and renters comply with the terms of the rental agreement. Security deposits must be submitted in the form of a money order. Please leave the "Pay to the Order of:" area blank, so that the money order may be returned to you.