Gymnasium Information

BRC Gymnasium Availability: 

In order to streamline operations and allow for multi-sport use, the BRC gymnasium now has a sport-specific schedule, that is updated or revised occasionally. The schedule was last revised November 3, 2022. Click on the link to view as a PDF, or see the photo below.

Please note the following: 

Certain days and activities are restricted to BRC Members and Bridgeton Residents only. All persons entering the facility are required to purchase and present  an ID card or membership card (on the first visit) and pay daily admission rates on subsequent visits; this includes spectators and parents.

Family Gym Time on Saturday mornings is restricted to youth ages 15 or younger; adults 16 and over will only be allowed in the gymnasium during that time if they are accompanying and interacting with a youth patron.

Patrons should be aware that pickleball and volleyball nets will only be set up and available during those time slots; basketball will only be allowed during open gym hours/family gym time.

During open gym time when the volleyball net is up, court use is first-come, first-served by sport. Ex.: if there are already volleyball players on the court and basketball players arrive, the volleyball players will have preference, and vice-versa.

Gym Schedule Nov 2022