Design and Review Board

The Design and Review Board consists of five members who are responsible for determining if the applications brought before them match the architectural design, character, harmony, consistency, and conformity of the surrounding areas. In order for an application to be approved by the Design and Review Board, the members must establish that the public health, welfare, morals, safety and property value shall be protected and the aesthetic character of the City advanced. 

The Design and Review Board reviews the following permit applications, including but not limited to:

  •  New Commercial Construction 
  •  New Residential Construction 
  •  All New and Refaced Signs 
  •  Sign Packages 
  •  New Cellular Towers and most Cellular Tower Alterations
  •  Residential and Commercial Storage Buildings 
  •  Commercial Fences 
  •  Some Residential Fences 
  •  Residential and Commercial Additions 
  •  Landscaping 
  •  Residential and Commercial Solar Panels
  •  Commercial Exterior Color Changes 

The Design and Review Board meets two times per month, on the first and 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Click HERE for upcoming meeting dates.