Riverwoods Park & Trail

Trail Closed

UPDATE - Aug 9, 2019: Riverwoods trail is currently closed due to extensive trail damage caused by flooding. We will update this page once the extent of the damage has been surveyed and once a decision is made on how to proceed. We anticipate this being around mid to late August.

Park closure/flooding updates: Occasionally this park will be closed due to Missouri River flooding. Typically the trail will be closed when the river reaches 25 feet or above. View the Missouri River forecast to determine current river levels.

Location of Trail

Riverwoods Park and Trail was made possible through a joint partnership between the city, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and the Great Rivers Greenway District. This 136-acre park is bounded by the Earth City levee to the east, Missouri River to the west, Interstate 70 to the south and St. Charles Rock Road to the north. The park can be accessed via St. Charles Rock Road near the site of the old Rock Road Bridge to St. Charles and via the Earth City Levee Trail trailhead just north of Highway 370. View the location map (PDF).

Length of Trail

The 1.7-mile well-shaded trail offers bikers, hikers, and rollerbladers with beautiful vistas of historic St. Charles while exposing them to the abundant wildlife of this relatively undisturbed wetland forest. The trail begins at the parking lot and proceeds west to the Missouri River. From that point the trail turns south and parallels the river until it joins the Earth City Levee Trail just short of the Blanchette Bridge. The two trails provide for a 3.5 mile loop within the park.

Developing More of the Trail

The Great Rivers Greenway District is in the process of developing a trail system along the east side of the Missouri River that will eventually extend from Chesterfield Valley to the south and Columbia Bottoms near the confluence the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Area bridges across the Missouri river will allow trail users access to the Katy Trail to the west and to the Illinois trail system by crossing the Mississippi at the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

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