Membership Categories

  • Adult: Individuals 16 to 59 years of age
  • Business Advantage Membership (BAM): Employees of all businesses located in the City of Bridgeton are eligible for discounted membership rates. The employee is required to show a current payroll stub (not older than 60 days) with the Bridgeton business address on it, along with a current photo identification. All members of the household must be present at the time when household memberships are purchased. BAMs are only applicable to annual memberships and do not qualify for reduced rates on daily admissions or value cards of One and One definition, the following shall apply: both parties must be present at the time they are applying for membership. Each must provide their own proof of residency in accordance with department requirements.
  • One and One: Membership for two adults, regardless of age, residing in the same household and not operating as a single financial or economic unit (i.e. roommates in an apartment building or house).
  • Senior Couple: A couple, only one of which must be 60 years of age or older, both residing in the same household
  • Senior: Individuals age 60 and older
  • Silver Sneakers: Membership is obtained by providing proof of a Silver Sneakers membership through Tivity Health, Inc.
  • Youth: Individuals 4 to 15 years of age

Membership Eligibility

The following definitions will determine eligibility for each membership category:

  • All members of the household shall be present at the time the household membership is purchased.
  • Extended stay hotels and motels are not considered residential property
  • For persons age 18 or older, the residence must be the residential address shown on any motor vehicle operator’s license or other governmental license or other official documentation as their residence, the address where they are registered to vote, or the address that is listed as their residence on their most current federal income tax return or personal property tax receipt.
  • For persons under the age of 18, the residence must be the address listed for that child under any public school, private school or home school registration. Any children residing in the home must be the legal responsibility of at least one of the adults who is part of the household unit. Foster children are allowed on the household membership with proof of placement.
  • Household Membership: The definition of a household for the purposes of a membership at the recreation center is no more than two adults age of twenty-four years and older, and their dependent children, who are permanently residing together as a single family/financial household unit within a residence that is their fixed and principal home. Dependents between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three must show proof of residency at that residential address. For the purposes of interpretation of the family definition, the following shall apply: That household unit must operate as a single financial and economic unit above and beyond merely sharing living arrangements and must share in the family resources and income as a unit.
  • Non-custodial parents, grandparents, and other relatives are not eligible for a household pass, but may purchase a separate membership upon proof of their residency.
  • Owners of residential property in Bridgeton are not eligible for resident memberships unless they permanently live at the address; resident privilege is transferred onto the renters of the property.
  • Persons residing temporarily at the residence such as visitors, relatives, grandchildren, childcare workers, nannies, or other temporary occupants of the home shall not be considered part of the household unit for the purposes of membership.
  • Resident: Legal resident of residential or rental property within the city limits of the City of Bridgeton.
  • Roommates who only share the housing and utility expense shall not be considered operating as a single financial and economic unit (See One+One membership).
  • “Dependent” implies tax dependent or dependent through marriage