Snow Routes & Removal

Parking During Snowstorms

During the winter season, please be aware of the regulations concerning parking of cars on the street during snow periods. In order to assist the City of Bridgeton in keeping your streets drivable during and after snow storms, please observe all regulations and snow routes, including the following:

  • During a snowfall and for 12 hours thereafter, parking is prohibited on both sides of the streets designated as snow routes.
  • Any vehicle parked on these streets may be towed by the Police Department at the owner's expense.
  • During the same period, parking on all other City streets is prohibited on the odd-numbered side (north or west side).
  • Parking is prohibited on all courts and cul-de-sacs.

Snow Removal

Snow is removed by Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT), St. Louis County, or Bridgeton on the following routes. For a map better showing these routes please click here

  • Avery Lane
  • Benedetta Drive
  • Blake Drive
  • Boenker Lane
  • Bonfils Drive
  • Brampton Drive
  • Bristolhall Drive
  • Burgess Avenue
  • Celburne Drive
  • Fee Fee Road
  • Foerster Road 
  • Gallatin Lane
  • Gist Road
  • Haas Avenue
  • Harmann Estates Drive
  • Harmony Lane
  • Lockport Drive
  • Long Road
  • Majella Drive
  • Mark Twain Lane
  • Missouri Bottom Road
  • Natural Bridge Road
  • Old St. Charles Road
  • Raymond Avenue
  • Smiley Road
  • Spanish Village Drive
  • St. Charles Rock Road
  • Taussig Avenue
  • Taylor Avenue
  • Terry Avenue
  • Tideland Drive
  • Welland Avenue
  • Whitehall Manor
  • Woodford Way