Patrol Division

The police department has four platoons of uniformed officers who provide 24 hour continuous Police Vehiclepatrol. This is the largest and most visible section of the police department. These uniformed officers work 12 hour shifts providing general law enforcement services for the City of Bridgeton.


These officers are responsible for the following:

  • Accident investigation
  • Business check
  • Field reporting
  • First response to calls for service
  • Police patrol
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Vacation checks

Traffic Enforcement

Radar Speed Trailers: These portable trailers are set up in various parts of the city. The display shows the speed of approaching vehicle serving as a reminder for motorist to watch their speed.

Ordinance Enforcement

A full time police officer is assigned as the Ordinance Enforcement Officer. This Officer actively addresses quality of life issues such as abandoned vehicles and unsightly premises.

Animal Control

A full time animal control employee works for the police department patrolling our neighborhoods for animal related issues.

Pet License

The city also requires pet owners to obtain a license for their animals. The animal control employee maintains these licenses along with holding an annual rabies clinic.  Further information about licensing your pet can be obtained here.