Boards and Commissions

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The City of Bridgeton is fortunate to have the many volunteers serving on our Boards and Commissions. There are 13 active city boards and commissions. These commissions are staffed with 115 unpaid volunteers. Of these commissions, only four are required by state statute. Appointments are made by the Mayor and are approved by the City Council. With the exception of two commissions, appointments are made for two year terms. The appointments for the Board of Adjustment is for five years and the Industrial Development Authority for six year. The Bridgeton City Charter states that commissioners can serve three consecutive two-year terms.

BEAUTIFICATION COMMISSION: Advises Mayor and City Council of Commission members’ ideas and proposals for improving and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the City.

BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT: Quasi-Judicial, provides for appeals for certain grievances arising out of building or zoning decisions.

DESIGN AND REVIEW BOARD: Makes decisions pertinent to governing architectural design, character, harmony, etc., to protect and advance the aesthetic character of the City.
FINANCE COMMISSION: Monitors employee pension plan, reviews annual actuarial report and city revenue sources.

HISTORICAL COMMISSION: Procurer and keeper of materials of historical significance to the City.

HOUSING BOARD OF APPEALS: The Board hears appeals and requests for variances relative to the Exterior Residential Structures Code.
INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY: Has been in existence for 28 years and has been quite successful in providing financing opportunities for major developments within the City.
PARKS AND RECREATION BOARD: The purpose of the board is to serve as a planning and advisory body to the Mayor and City Council regarding acquisition, development and maintenance of parks, regarding recreational activities, and regarding recreational programs.
PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION: The Planning & Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council regarding zoning and subdivision issues, and has all powers and duties granted and assigned to the Planning Commission and Zoning Commission under Chapter 89, Missouri Revised Statutes, and such other powers and duties granted and assigned to it by law or by ordinance.

PERSONNEL COMMISSION: Advises the Administration and City Council on issues pertaining to employees of the City, including personnel rules, wages and salary determination, benefits and grievances.

POLICE COMMISSION: Advisory to the Mayor and Council regarding the hiring of personnel, handling grievances of police personnel and recommending departmental budget.

SENIOR CITIZENS COORDINATING COMMITTEE: An advisory board that provides the organizational framework within which to assist senior citizens in the community.

SPECIAL EVENTS COMMISSION: Involved in planning of community special events, such as the 4th of July celebration.

Recommends to City Council proposals that will promote economy and efficiency in the Department of Public Works.