Buying a House in Bridgeton

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It is the responsibility of the buyer to apply for and obtain a Residential Occupancy Permit. The Occupancy Permit will only be approved if an exterior inspection has been completed and the seller has received a Certificate of Exterior Appearance Compliance.

An Application for Residential Occupancy Permit can be obtained at the Information Desk at City Hall or by clicking here.

Residential Occupancy Application Fee:     $30.00

Please Note:
If you are buying a house “as is”, you may be the responsible party for obtaining an exterior inspection of the premises and a Certificate of Exterior Appearance Compliance; if that is the case, you have two options:

1) You may apply for the Exterior Inspection before the house has been sold to you. However, if at any 
    point you decide not to go through with the sale, you will not be issued a refund for the Application 
2) You may wait to apply for the Exterior Inspection until after the house has been sold, and is in your 
    name. Please note that it is illegal to occupy a residence that has not been issued a Certificate of 
    Exterior Appearance Compliance and an Occupancy Permit. You will need to allow ample time for the 
    inspections and repairs to be approved before you will be allowed to occupy the residence.

Once your application has been submitted...

The Public Works Department will process the application. If the property has a valid Certificate of Exterior Appearance Compliance, a Residential Occupancy Permit, will be issued and mailed to you. Along with the Occupancy Permit you will also receive a City of Bridgeton Welcome Packet. The Welcome Packet will contain important information regarding trash pick-up, the community center, and other amenities in Bridgeton.