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The Bridgeton Recreation Center has multiple meeting rooms and recreational facilities available for rent. Rooms are ideal for parties, family reunions, and bridal and baby showers. We can provide party-style setups with tables and chairs, theater-style setups with chairs only (ideal for meetings), and we also offer narrower conference-style tables ideal for off-site corporate meetings, events, and trainings. 

Hourly fees include the use of the room as well as tables and chairs. Ice is available for purchase. Note that there are special fees for each hour beyond normal operating hours of the Recreation Center. Other prices may apply for community organizations and/or fundraising events. Please contact the BRC for more details.


Party Style

Theater Style

Classroom Style Capacity

 Room 1  60  72 32-48
 Room 2  60  72 32-48
 Room 3  60  72  32-48
 Rooms 1 & 2  140  156  40-60
 Rooms 2 & 3  140  156  40-60
 Rooms 1, 2, & 3    200  212 N/A 


   Rate Per Room   Deposit    Kitchen2   After-hours   Commercial Use3 
 Resident  $30/hr  $75/$1251  Addl. $25  Rate + $30/hr  Addl. $25
 Non-resident  $40/hr  $75/$1251  Addl. $25  Rate + $30/hr  Addl. $25
 Corporate  $35/hr  $75/$1251  Addl. $25  Rate + $30/hr  Addl. $25

1 Deposit for two or more rooms
2 Flat fee. Only available with use of a preferred caterer.
3 Flat fee surcharges for rentals promoting the sale of merchandise, products, or services

 Rooms 1 and 2 include a sink and microwave; room 3 includes a sink only, but offers access to the kitchen. Renters are welcome to bring in their own food and drink, but no warming/cooling appliances are available in the rooms (other than previously noted).


The kitchen is only available to renters using a caterer from the department’s Preferred Caterers list (please contact the recreation center for the current list). The caterer will have a large, reach-in refrigerator and freezer available to them as well as a warmer/proofer cabinet, 5 heat-well serving line, 1 large refrigerated serving well, work surfaces, sink, portable bar and ice machine. Here is a list of preferred caterers; 

Papaya Grill & Catering

Tornatore's Catering

Quintessential Catering

Spiced Just Right

Russo's Catering

Audio/Video Services in the Meeting Rooms

Each meeting room can provide full audio and multi-media presentation capabilities for renters including multi-media projectors, screens, public address system, and audio from a number of sources including Bluetooth and streaming sources.  This service is available to renters at an additional charge of $25 per rental. A/V services are not recommended with single-room rentals. A/V services may not be available with all room combinations. 

General Information

Reservations must be made in person at the Recreation Center; no date will be “held” without a signed contract and security deposit. All rentals are subject to approval by Assistant Director, Parks and Recreation; reservations made within two weeks of the rental date must be approved by Assistant Director, Parks and Recreation before booking. Person submitting the application and contract is held as the responsible party for any damages, etc. Rental fees are due in full no later than thirty (30) days prior to the rental date.  Smoking is prohibited in all city facilities. A full list of renter rules and responsibilities is available on the facility use application (contract). Renters and their guests and assigns (caterer, DJ, event coordinators, etc.) are all expected to abide by policies listed. Renters wishing to have a DJ must book all three rooms. 

Alcohol Policy
Any alcoholic beverages served in the Bridgeton Recreation Center must be provided and served by one of our preferred caterers.

Cancellation Policy
Renters wishing to cancel a rental date must notify the Parks and Recreation Department a minimum of thirty days prior to the rental date in order to receive a full refund. Cancellation notices received less than thirty days in advance of the rental date will result in the forfeiture of the renter’s security deposit and/or rental fees.

Security Deposits: (UPDATED 2019)
Deposits are separate from the rental fees and are returned in full, provided the facilities are left in good condition and renters comply with the terms of the rental agreement. Security deposits must be submitted in the form of a money order. Please leave the "Pay to the Order of:" area blank, so that the money order may be returned to you.