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            As a result of recent legislation enacted by the legislature of the State of Missouri, and in accordance with recent amendments to Supreme Court Rule 37, the following procedures and practices have been implemented for the municipal court.  If you are an attorney who has entered his/her appearance in the municipal court it is expected that you are familiar with these recent changes and with the Practices and Procedures outlined below.

  1.  Entry of Appearance:  An attorney who intends to represent a defendant before the municipal court shall forward to the court an Entry of Appearance in Memorandum form addressed to the court by mail, fax or e-mail (please only one method).  The Memorandum shall indicate a copy has been sent to the prosecuting attorney.

  2. Request for Recommendation:  A request for recommendation shall be mailed directly to the prosecuting attorney.   Along with the letter requesting a recommendation, a copy of the entry of appearance as filed with the court shall be enclosed with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    Violations of Financial Responsibility and/or violations involving a crash should provide proof of insurance coverage.

  3. Request for Discovery:  A request for discovery may be included in the letter requesting a recommendation, or may be requested in a separate discovery motion.  If requested in a discovery motion, the original motion should be filed with the court and a copy served upon the prosecuting attorney (include a self-addressed stamped envelope). 

  4. Continuances:  Continuances can only be granted by the Judge or the court clerk as authorized by the Judge.  REMEMBER:  The Prosecuting Attorney and the court are separate offices, and the prosecuting attorney cannot grant continuances.

  5. Prosecuting Attorney’s Recommendation:  The prosecuting attorneys office will forward a recommendation to the attorney.  The recommendation form must be signed by both you and your client.  The signed recommendation must be forwarded to the court office by mail, e-mail or FAX.   FAX:  314-739-7535, e-mail:                                                                               If you would like the prosecuting attorney to reconsider a recommendation, you and your client must appear on the court date to talk with the prosecuting attorney.  Payment will not be accepted by the court office without the signed recommendation.

  6. Representation:  An attorney who has entered his/her appearance is the attorney of record until the court case is closed or until a motion for leave to withdraw has been filed, heard and granted by the court.  Any attorney who wishes to withdraw as attorney for a defendant shall file and call up for hearing, a Motion for Leave to Withdraw with the court and forward a copy of the motion to the prosecuting attorney.  A copy of the letter or notice to the defendant shall be attached to the Motion for Leave to Withdraw. 

  7. Request for Recall of Warrants:  An attorney shall contact the court office prior to filing a request for recall of warrant.   The court clerk has been authorized to recall a warrant under certain circumstances. 

  8. Payments:  Payments are accepted between 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM at the Violations Bureau Window, located in the Bridgeton Government Center. 

    Cash, Check or Money Order – Payable to “City of Bridgeton”.

    Credit Card payments are only accepted for the total amount due at:  

    Partial-payments may be made at the Violations Bureau window for payments not less than $50.00. For all other partial payments the defendant must appear in court with their payment on the designated court date.  Payments in full may be mailed to the Bridgeton Municipal Court or paid        on-line with a credit card.

  9.  A website is available to the public for participating municipal courts.  The site provides information including court dates, money owed and warrants.  No confidential cases will be available on the website. The website is:



Bridgeton Municipal Court

12355 Natural Bridge Rd.

Bridgeton, MO 63044

Phone: 314.739.1145

Fax: 314.739.7535


Judge: Honorable Joseph W. Larrew

Court Clerk: Susan Risinger


Bridgeton Prosecuting Attorney

12355 Natural Bridge Rd.

Bridgeton, MO 63044

Phone: 314.373.3862

Fax: 314.373.3662


Prosecuting Attorney: Rob Schultz

Prosecutor Clerk: Matt McCune