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The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining the books, records and the general system of accounting for the City and each of its departments and offices in accordance with generally accepted principles and practices of municipal accounting. The Finance Office is responsible for the disbursement of all monies of the City, pursuant to rules and regulations as prescribed by Ordinances, as well as the collection of all taxes, special assessments, fees, amounts, and claims due the City from numerous sources. The Department is responsible for the implementation of an effective fund accounting system, budget compliance and internal control structure. Finance maintains cash management relations regarding the deposit and investment of funds in custody and under control of the City as directed by the Council. The Finance Department submits internal financial statements to assist management in ongoing evaluation of services and operations.

In addition, the Finance Office is responsible for payroll processing, pension benefit administration, group health insurance administration, workers compensation processing, budgetary controls, data processing, vendor and banking relations, fixed asset maintenance, reporting, audit and budget preparation.


The Finance Office is staffed by the Finance Officer and two Account Finance Clerks.

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