The City of Bridgeton by Charter is a “Strong Mayor” form of Municipal government. Under this form of government, the Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City. As such, the registered voters of the City of Bridgeton elect the Mayor to office to a four-year term.

The Mayor appoints a City Administrative Assistant, who has duties assigned by the Charter. The Administrator is the Chief Finance Officer and the Director of Personnel for the City. The Administrator is the staff assistant to the Mayor.

The duties of the Administrator include assisting the Mayor with the preparation and administration of the Annual City Budget; interact with the City Council by developing and recommending administrative policy; risk management assessment; employee health, welfare and pension administration; develop and maintain personnel rules, pay plan administration and keeping personnel records. The Administrator interacts with all Departments of City services on a daily basis and is a liaison with the Mayor and the executive staff. The Administrator oversees the daily operation of the City.

The Administrator is a member of the Personnel Commission and the Finance Commission and meets with these boards on a regular basis.

Administrator: Kevin Bookout
Phone: (314) 739-7500