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Bridgeton to Welcome EPA

Post Date:05/07/2014

Mayor Bowers is pleased to announce that Dr. Karl Brooks, EPA Region 7 Administrator will join with the Mayor and hold a press conference on Friday May 9, to share details about the EPA’s plan for screening at the Bridgeton Municipal Complex. Dr. Brooks and Mayor Bowers will be available to answer questions from the press relative to the screening being conducted.

The EPA has agreed to conduct screening for possible contamination at the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex. This screening is being conducted to alleviate any possible concerns as to the safety for anyone visiting the complex. This screening will begin the week of May 19, 2014.

Mayor Bowers is confident that the screenings at BMAC by the EPA will use experts to gather and analyze data, following all appropriate testing protocols. He is also confident that the EPA will share this data in a complete, timely, and unbiased manner.

It is unfortunate that the fear of possible contamination, based on unsubstantiated data, has resulted in cancellation of several leagues and major tournaments at BMAC. It is our hope that the testing being conducted by the EPA will affirm, as indicated in the past, that there is no health risk at the Bridgeton Municipal Complex and these fears can be put to rest.

The City of Bridgeton continues to be a great place to live, visit, work and play.
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